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Perhaps a Few Churches Take Marketing a Bit Too Far…

Thanks to alert reader Brendan Witton for this link.  This church pushed the envelope perhaps a bit too much in their effort to reach their community…

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  1. I like the line at the end of the article. “A church official said they were unaware the sign would offend anyone.”

    Are they really that insensitive or simply naive?

  2. Yikes. Too far indeed.

    Totally seperate from this post (but this post made me think of it)… I ran across a post about a church who is passing out shot glasses at local bars. Interesting at the very least.

    From the Catalyst blog: "Next Level Church of Matthews, NC came-up with a creative campaign to promote their church: they’re going to local bars and handing-out free shot glasses that say “gives us a shot” and “Real church for real people”.

    Read their blog post – they give compelling reasons for their controversial campaign
    Read the news blurb – from "

  3. I actually think it's pretty funny, my Pastor showed the sign during the weekend at church and I thought it was hilarious. 

    I thought it was creative and if I would have read it driving by a church I would have felt compelled to go to that church, just because it seems like a fun, real church

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