Stop Worrying About Being Right

When I was young in my professional life, I was insecure and needed to be right all the time.  Yes – I was annoying.  But after maturing creatively, I realized that it’s not about being “right” – it’s about finding the solution.  Today, I don’t care who nails the idea, I’m just happy to be part of the team that made it happen.  If you find yourself being too concerned about “being right” then it’s a red flag about your creative development.  It will marginalize you, and eventually alienate you from your friends and co-workers.

Give it up.  A rising tide raises all the boats.  Learn (sooner than later) that it’s not about being right, it’s about finding the solution.  And when the solution arrives, everybody wins.

Anyone crossed over to that realization?

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  1. Spot on.
    Get the book “Playing the Game* the New Way (*The Game of Life) – It is entirely about giving up being “right” or “reasonable”, and just getting results.

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