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Stop Trying to Change the World

I’ve been guilty of this as much as anyone – encouraging people to “change the world.” It’s true that some people leave that kind of legacy, but for most of us, just changing OUR world is enough. I know too many people who are focused on the lofty goal of changing the world, but their marriage is in shambles, their kids are miserable, or they are failing at their job. Changing the world is a noble goal, but not at the expense of losing your family, or failing at what you’re doing now.

Let’s do this – let’s chill on the “changing the world” rhetoric, and focus more on changing ourselves, our family, or our neighborhood. Start there. And once you’re on the right track, then you can move out from there, and expand your influence.

Changing the world is a step by step process, and if we miss one of those steps, the end result isn’t nearly as powerful as we think.

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  1. I frame it this way: I can’t “fix” the world–that’s God’s job, and He’s doing it in His timing. I can’t solve world hunger or eliminate grief…that’s God’s job.

    If I help feed one hungry kid or listen to a hurting friend, I change the world for that person. In that sense, it’s my job to change the world where I am with what I have.

    I think many folks give up on changing the world because they can’t fix it. Others, as you’ve said, tilt at windmills trying to fix it.

  2. What about those people whose marriages/families/homes aren’t a shambles? Many of the most incredible people I know (and those who I most aspire to be like) are as fully devoted to their families as they are to changing the world. In fact I would say that they see the two as almost the same thing. Granted they are a rare breed though – and they would all say that when the rubber meets the road, family always comes first.

  3. AWESOME apologist Josh McDowell, author of “Evidence That Demands A Verdict,” when I saw him at a church in Ohio, said, “I don’t put my family before my ministry–my family IS my first ministry.” There’s a reason why Jarod, 14, is the happiest teen we’ve ever seen–because my hubby has LIVED the sacrificial love of Jesus for him, put him first at all times. If more people did that they’d have happy, successful kids. You can see it all over Jarod’s face: Kevin has literally worn shoes with holes in our MI winters just to make sure that Jarod has everything he needs, emotionally and physically. He adopted Jarod when we married 5 years ago and KILLED himself to make up for him growing up without a dad. Now the boy who once despaired of life is a track star ready to break the long jump record of 18′, the fastest kid in track, an A student, popular, happy–all because of the sacrificial love of a father who has given his all to make up for his past hurts. When you LIVE the sacrificial love of Jesus, your children prosper and THEY change the world.

  4. Most of the people who actually change the world didn’t decide to change the world. They set out to improve one specific thing, and that thing wound up having profound consequences.

  5. Great advice!!!! Changing ourselves and what God’s entrusted to us is a full time job, and it’s what we’ll have to answer to in the end… not “Did you change the world?”

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