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Stop Thinking Like YOU, and Start Thinking Like the Customer

Our team had an interesting meeting today with the leader of a small nonprofit organization.  He was intelligent and very passionate about the work.  He had an idea for a mobile phone app that he thought would help promote the organization.  Fine.  But everyone on our team looked at each other in amazement.  The truth is, the app idea was really stupid.  Nobody would use it.  But because he was passionate about the idea, he was willing to sink a lot of money into the project.  Which leads me to this thought:

Whenever you create an app, a platform, software, book – whatever – make sure you’re thinking like the end user, not like you.  Sure YOU like the idea, you thought of it.  But will it really be used?

Keep in mind that others aren’t as passionate or excited about your field as you, so whatever product you create has to not only work, but help them get excited as well.

I know you love the idea.  But what about your customers, donors, or audience?  Are you thinking like them?

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  1. As a friend once said – “Apple computer is successful because it is totally focused on the experience of the end user.”  Think like Apple – think like your constituents …

  2.  Dead on!!  Everybody has a customer .. whoever you report to is your customer .. and if we looked through the lense of our customer we would see and do things differently!!

  3. This is a good example to a great point. We all need to remember this. It’s hard, tho, becuz it takes twice as much research & brain power to do it. However, the results are well worth it.

  4. Jesus came to “Seek and save the lost.”  Everything He did went through that grid.  Two words:  “Think lost.”  I agree that it is difficult for many ministries and churches to think in a paradigm that starts with where the lost person is at, and not the found, comfortable, believer.

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