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Stop The Cycle of Failure in Your Life

It’s much easier to quit when you’re winning than when you’re failing. Take gamblers for instance: When they’re on top, it’s much easier to walk away from the tables. But when they’re getting creamed, it’s really hard to walk away. The fight instinct tells us “I can just win it back.” But this isn’t a blog about gambling, so what’s the point?

Simple – When things aren’t working, there’s no shame in walking away. I’ve always hated the saying, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Hitting your head against a brick wall could be God’s way of telling you it’s time to move on.

I know far too many people spending way too much time being average. But they labor under the illusion that it’s shameful to walk away – even when success is obviously impossible.

Don’t make that mistake. Focus on your One Big Thing. Spend your time in your strongest areas, and find someone to help you where you’re weak.

Stop the cycle of failure in your life. Great leaders don’t worry about what won’t work. They’re too busy focusing on what will.

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  1. This is exactly where I am- hitting my head against the wall. I’ve exhausted myself applying everything I know to do to get out of my circumstance, but no results. I know I’m not living up to my potential, far from my dream, unchallenged, bored and frustrated with stagnation as the clock continues to tick. So, taking your advice Phil from many of your posts, including “Stop Making Excuses” and my desperate need for change, I went into prayer again about going back to school. This time, so far, it seems the door may be open!!! I refuse to give up and resolve becoming a prisoner of my circumstances. There is no shame in abandoning your losses, and besides, you ALWAYS take something away with you. Life is short; we shouldn’t waste it on accepting the mundane. Life is a gift; we should use our gift wisely in that One Big Thing.
    A heartfelt thanks for posting these kind of articles Phil. You’re making an impact on those who listen.

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