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Stop Hating Your Job and Start Redefining It

Before you totally give up on your miserable job, just remember that jobs are often not as inflexible as we think.  The written job description for your position is mostly likely a document that was created years ago and hasn’t changed much even though technology is radically redefining the workplace today.  Here’s a few suggestions before you give up and resign – or perhaps worse – accept that nothing will ever change:

1.  Stop just doing what you’ve always done and start asking what your employer really needs You’d be amazed at how often the two things are different.  Sit him or her down and ask some good questions about how you can re-align your job to make it more effective.  Trust me – your boss will be thrilled that you care that much.

2.  What tools could help you be more productive?  Obviously your employer can’t buy everything you’d like, but if you can show some proof that you’d be more efficient, productive, or save the company money, then it’s worth a shot.

3.  Finally – redefine how you relate to co-workers.  Could you share tasks to get them done more quickly?  Think about each of the strengths of your co-workers and start using that to evaluate who gets what project.  Mobilize your co-workers into a championship team and it will transform that culture in the office.

You’re not always as powerless as you think.  Leadership loves innovative thinkers, but they want some proof that your ideas will work.  Help them help you, and it can completely change your attitude about your job.

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