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Stop Calling Them Influencers!

What really is "influence" anyway?

Just because someone generates a great deal of social media followers, doesn’t mean they are an actual “influencer.” There’s many ways to get viewers and likes, and one of the most popular on social media is to take your clothes off – or nearly off.

Some Instagram models for instance have tens of millions of followers, but they have no message, or “big idea,” but they look sexy.

How is that different from the old Playboy magazines many of us tried to sneak out of the local drug store in high school?

“Instagram Models” are just that. Amateur or professional, their only influence is to attract men. They don’t help any causes, – especially elevating the cause of women.

They’re not influencing anything beyond the idiots who subscribe to their platforms, so let’s stop calling them “influencers.”

After all, influence is about the potential to change the world…

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One Comment

  1. Finally! Finally someone has written about this stupid “influencer” deal going on. Since I’m not on FB or any social media I am mercifully naive about who they are except for when I read about some “Christian influencer’s” book. I gotta agree with you Phil: influencers change the world. All they do is change their zip code or people’s hearts to follow them, not follow the ONE who can change any person’s life. Thank you for speaking up.

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