Creatives: Do You Struggle With The Question: “So, What Do YOU Do?”

At parties or other social events you get the question all the time:  “So, what do YOU do?”  If you’re an struggling actor, producer, director, or other media professional, it’s an awkward moment.  Even after decades of making TV programs, documentary films, online media, and consulting with large organizations, it’s still tough for me.  It’s called “Status Anxiety.”  It comes from discomfort or fear when a person is in a social interaction that involves being judged or evaluated by others.  If you’ve struggled in your career, and have trouble with the “So what do YOU do?” question, you need to watch this video:

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  1. The topic of the video was interesting but I don’t think it answered the question at all. How should we answer the question? It depends who’s asking as well. I go from being a filmmaker to camera op/assistant and neither sound particularly good to me.

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