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The Speed of Execution Matters

While we all like to take our time and do things as well as possible, there are times when speed matters.  One of those times is during periods of disruptive change.  In an organization, once you decide to pull the trigger, dramatic change needs to be dealt with quickly.

If not, the vacuum will be filled with criticism, second thoughts, and frustration.  Before long, your “change” has crashed and burned.  Get everything in place, prepare your team, and then make it happen.  Don’t fool around, over think it, or debate it until it’s too late.

Act.  Pull the trigger.  Make the change happen.  Because during a crisis, urgency matters.

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  1. Taking your headline literally, it first looked like you advocate Roman justice, circa 33 A.D.? Watch those headlines!!! 😉 Cop trainers have a saying, “Slow is fast.” Here’s another proverb: “Never go faster than the speed of love.” Which reminds me, I love your thought-provoking blogs, Phil!

  2. Phil, I thought that you were speaking about the execution that took place by firing squad yesterday. Apparently, it took a little while for him to die as his fingers were still moving after he was shot leading spectators to believe that they may have to shoot him again. Yeah, timely headline there.

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