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Tough Break! Britney and Jamie Lynn Spear’s Mom’s Parenting Book Delayed

Talk about a tough break for us! Lynne Spears – famous mom of Britney and Jamie Lynn’s book on parenting has been delayed indefinitely. It’s a serious blow to all of us who wanted to learn more about how to raise great kids. “The book is delayed indefinitely. It’s delayed, not cancelled,” says a spokeswoman for Thomas Nelson, which publishes inspirational books and Bibles. It had been scheduled for a spring 2008 release and was put on hold last week, says
the rep. On Tuesday, news hit that 16-year-old Jamie Lynn is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. Sorry Spears fans. It apparently will be some time before you learn those fantastic child rearing tips…


  1. Good Commentary…"never know how they are going to turn out."  My daughters saw that at ORU.  There were those who were there to get an education, academically and spiritually, then there were those who were there for other reasons…once they got away from home.  We can only pray that seeds were planted and they "will not return void."

    On another note, we are so quick to pardon the Spears and their world but openly condemn the TV preachers, including R. Roberts.  Something about in the last days, "calling wrong, right and right, wrong."(?)  Interesting picture. 

  2. Thomas Nelson?

    That is the only part of the story that shocks me.  Of course some crazy pop culture publisher would offer up anything from the Spears family.  But for Thomas Nelson to touch it with a ten foot pole…that stinks!

  3. That is funny Chris!
    A parent can do it all right, and still feel like a failure. I always took the scripture about raising up a child in what is right “and when he becomes a man he will return to it” as meaning that if you do a good job as a parent of instilling Biblical teaching your child will turn into a man or woman of God. But the promise is that they will return to it. Before we judge lets remember that if they are returning, they are leaving first. Not every child deviates far, but they will deviate. I am not saying anything about the book, the mom, the daughters, etc. I am just saying that if we are parents, we must be humble on this one… We just don’t know how our little princes and princesses are going to adjust to growing up – even if we have done our best to instill Godly ways. We can still trust God’s word, and holdfast that they will return.

  4. Plan B.

    Do we still have the rough draft from Michael Vick and the Dog Whisperer on how to provide your dog a loving home?

  5.  Good point, Good Commentary.

     And while it does seem ironic that Britney's mom might be writing a book on parenting, I'd just add… 

    "But Jesus stooped down, and with His finger wrote on the ground, as though He heard them not. So when they continued asking Him, He lifted up Himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. And again He stooped down, and wrote on the ground."  John 8:7 

    Written while my 4 and 6 year olds play innocently in the next room – and I try not to imagine what things will be like in ten years.


  6. I'm not planning on throwing any stones. 

    Would it be OK if I just considered her position as an authority on parenting as suspect and chose not to buy her book?

    Or is that too judgmental?

  7. Maybe some Christian TV personalities should take note of this. This book has been delayed due to the fact that having a daughter do this so young is not reflective of good parenting. Yet there are some Christian personalities who mess up even more like, lets say, GETTING DIVORCED, and yet there is no delayed appearances, no hold on books coming out, they just keep going on like everything is A-OK.

    This was a great move by the publishers of this book.

  8. My parents had 7 children and we all turned out great…not quite twelve, but pretty close and if you count some of our best friends that might as be my parents children than you're looking at at least 10. seriously though, 7 kids…3 of us married…all 7 faithfully a part of churches…2 already in ministry…1 on her way…not one of us having sex outside of marriage. Now I'm not saying we've all been perfect, but I think my parents did something right. They'd never admit to it…but when you go 7 for 7 you have it figured out.

  9. Chris, See, this is what I was saying… Where is the book!??! 1) they are too humble to admit it 2) they likely still dont have time to write it!

  10. Maybe I was mis-understood.

    I really am not sure about what the claims are in the book, whether there is some type of association to Christianity in the book, etc… I would suspect it is more about dealing with famous children than about Biblical principals, but hey… I really don’t know anything about the book. I know enough about parenting to know that no parent is perfect, and if our kids turn out well, it isn’t about us, it is a God thing. Sure we do our best. But that really isn’t enough. If you have a formula that is going to work, then good luck with that. While there certainly are a lot of books with good principles, and there is a lot of guidance in the Bible, there is no set formula for every child’s personality. If you can show it, then write your own book. And yes. It IS different for a tv evangelist. To whom much is given, much is required.

  11. One previous poster said, "I am through with this site."  She would not elaborate.  Could it be that she was "through with" the often "whine and cheese party" that frequently crops up around tabloid topics.

  12. I have a brother-in-law who had four kids.  One was killed joy riding in a stolen car.  One is in prison for eight years.  One is single and pregnant, the youngest at 18 is a ninth grade drop out, unemployed and has not been seen in a month.

    Guess what?  I don't want his parenting tips either.  I have two teens and a grade schooler.  I would rather hear from someone –like Phil! –who has raised great kids in a Christian family and seen them turn out well adjusted and living for God.

  13. Trian up a child in the way "he" should go. This is refering to the uniqueness of your child or helping your child find God's plan for them.  It is not sending them to church and or Christian school with the guarentee from God that they will return to serve Jesus. All these things are fine but many parents try to mold thier kids into what they want or what they think they should be. Second Brittney's mom has no business writting a book on parenting.  At Brittneys age if anything good stuck Brittney should be respecting those she is supposed to love.

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