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Speaking Quirk of the Week

There’s a very odd habit that most younger people – particularly women in my experience – have that really damages their ability to communicate.  It’s the curious habit of making every statement a question.  In other words, they make their voice rise at the end of every phrase.  As a result, everything they say sounds like a question.  Are you understanding what I’m saying?  Here’s why it’s so damaging:

1.  It makes you look very unsure of yourself and what you want.

2.  It undermines your confidence.

3.  It confuses the listener.  (Is she making a statement, or asking a question?)

4.  It just sounds really weird.

Similar to other speech quirks such as adding “like” to every sentence, I have no idea how it started.  But there’s no question that if your goal is to have your influence felt, make a point, or get your voice heard, you should start eliminating this today.

When you make a statement, be clear that it’s a statement, and not a question.

Anyone else notice this one?

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