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Something Bad Will Happen to You – Are You Ready?

In this fallen and broken world, something bad is going to happen. Count on it. The question is – how will you deal with it? Some people get fired. Others lose a loved one. For some, it’s a project that doesn’t happen, or a dream that’s shattered. My wife Kathleen and I just remodeled our kitchen. I know the old saying that if your marriage can withstand a kitchen remodel, it can withstand anything. But believe me, there were moments I was ready to either sue the contractor or jump off a cliff. Dealing with that disaster taught me a lot about navigating bad things.  Certainly a kitchen remodel isn’t anything compared to bigger issues like losing a job or a loved one – but the point is clear:  Nobody lives a life without obstacles, frustrations, and loss.

So what do you do?

1. Be ready. Bad things will happen. Repeat. Bad things will happen. Don’t be caught by surprise.

2. Know your priorities. In the bigger picture, some bad things matter, and others don’t. Know the difference.

3. Be connected. People who experience bad things alone always struggle more than people with networks. Decide who to call and know who you can share bad things with. Make sure you surround yourself with people who care.

4. Learn. Grow. Get a bigger perspective. The more you know, the less bad things impact your life.

Bad things happen. But good can come out of it. Learn how to make that happen.

I would love to know how bad things impacted your life and how your overcame that impact…

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  1. What you shouldn’t you do?:

    1. Expect the unexpected- but don’t expect all things to turn out bad just because you’ve had more than your share of bad things happen to you in life. Maintain an optimistic attitude.

    2. Don’t stand so close to the bad that you’re peripheral vision can’t see the bigger picture.- embrace the bad so you can deal with, but don’t become blinded by it. Measure the bad- bad is relative in scale.

    3. Don’t share your bad with others without a meaningful purpose. Don’t share it with people who don’t care, or who can use it against you. There are people who are only interested in other’s bad… that’s why the tabloid magazines do so well. 

    4. Don’t whine about it. It never helps, it never changes things. 

    5. Don’t play the victim role. Turn it around and conquer it to the best of your ability.Even if you lose, you didn’t give in to it.

    A healthy mental attitude is necessary to survive bad.Ways to processes bad: 

    1. Giving of yourself to other’s needs to take your mind off of obsessing over your bad.

    2. Giving yourself over to creative writing, painting, dancing, acting, journaling your emotions or story, creating ANYTHING helps process bad.

    3. Pray, often.

    My experiences of bad taught me what worked and what didn’t. Bad things are actually a gift in many ways. Bad experiences are opportunities to train, strengthen, motivate, make you skillful and wise, and give you the opportunity to overcome one more obstacle with confidence.  

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