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Order the New Prophet’s Special Soap!

One of our alert readers found an entire section of “Master Prophet” Bernard Jordan’s website dedicated to selling special “prophetic” soap. You’ve got to check this out. You’ll never wash the same way again.

Here’s the way he describes it: “Blended by His Grace, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, these soaps will cause you to experience the prophetic in a way you would never expect. Click on the various products to see what you’re missing!”




  1. This is awesome, just in time for Tele-thon season. If only I could get some Prophet's H Hemroidal Cream, I could clear up all these symptoms.

    Jesus could have really cleaned up while on the earth if he'd only had better marketing.
    VIP tables for the feeding of the 5000
    Touch the Hem of My Tee Shirt's
    WWID? Braclets
    and of Course the "Son of God Hotline" where for $3500 you get His Cell Phone Number and a personal miracle.
  2. So I read the post and had to share it with my wife and what she said just made me think Lord please help this guy…

    Ok I know my wife is not the judge and the jury but in her words "I think that guy is going to rot in Hell"

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