Catholic Radio Debuts on the Sirius Satellite Network

USA Today reports that it’s showtime again for the Catholic Church – this time on the Sirius Satellite Radio Network. With total authority over the programming, the Archdiocese of New York will be running the channel for the nation’s 66 million Catholics. The focus will be on people’s lives – what movies they watch, news of the day, entertainment, and other lifestyle isues.

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  1. A lot of Catholic media, sadly, gives the impression that Catholics, in order to achieve heaven, are devoted to dieing of boredom. More recently, the entertaining alternative of fascism (The Catholic League) is making inroads, and livening things up quite a bit. If they really talk about the practical issues of living a Christ-like life in the contex of the Catholic/Christian faith, I think it would be wonderful. And there is little chance they'll slip into the us versus them mentality that drives a lot of Christian radio (the stunningly objectionable "Bible Answer Man" comes to mind.) But who knows? I pray that God will bless their work, and through it, all of us. I am a serious Catholic, by the way. I'd say "devout", but that makes me seem better at it than I really am.

    God Bless you, Phil, and thank you for your ministry and your honesty.


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