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Air Sickness Bags – The New Advertising Platform

A new public relations idea from Lee Miller and his company Media Services Group in Houston:

“Looking to reach air travelers with your message? US Airways has decided to sell ad space on its airsickness bags. The airline says the bags are in the back seat pocket of every seat so they might as well make the most of them. America West merged with US Airways last year. America West was the first airline to put advertisements on tray tables, as well as the first to use airline gift cards and to sell in-flight meals. The bags are scheduled to make their debut in September. The company hasn’t decided how much it will charge for the ads and has only just begun negotiations with companies that might be interested.”

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  1. Great thing to package with some “Jesus Junk” so that when this garbage makes you sick, you have a handy container. Now we just have to get them imprinted as a BRE so we can mail it in.

  2. Seems this is not a new idea, as airlines in Australia have been doing this for many years. Seems to work reasonably well, as I have seen many a fellow passenger pull out the Airline Magazine, the Emergency Instructions and the Airsickness bag from the seat pocket, and read each one. I remember seeing an ad for film processing on one bag, and I saw a passenger on flight from Holiday Resort area, pop their films in to airsickness bag to Freepost to the processor. I don’t know what the next passenger used if they were ill, but I guess the flight attendants would give them another, or a fellow passenger who was “within range” if you know what I mean. I’ve actually seen a flight attendant delicately carrying a “used” bag out in front of them with two fingers down the aisle to the galley. I was sitting in the middle of the aircraft, and almost every passenger forward of me noticed, and maybe caught a glimpse of the advertisement on the bag, as it was carried past their seat. I know I did, and I wondered if the advertisor had realised that they would receive exposure for their product or service in that way too?

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