"Sexting" – Technology Marches On

Technology continues to bring strange and not so desirable things into our lives.  I’m talking about “sexting” the new rage of sending explicit photos via cell phone to friends. I was in Miami recently and listened to a statewide public service radio campaign attempting to discourage young women from posting suggestive or explicitly sexual photos on their websites or sending them from phones. The spot made clear that once it’s posted, the photos can easily be copied, redistributed and viewed by pedophiles, stalkers, the leering neighbor next door, or perhaps most embarrassing of all,
their parents.

In 2008 the Associated Press reported that prosecutors have begun using photos posted on social networking sites to embarrass and damage the reputation of defendants in the courtroom.

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  1. They should, not so mis-leadingly, tell all children and teens that the authorities are actually intercepting every photo and will be mailing them directly to the sender's parents, every time! That would just about crash that habit, immediately. The Fear factor, the good old fashioned fear factor 🙂

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