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Have the Dutch Have Finally Dropped All Pretense of Personal Responsiblity?

In the “How far we’ve come as a society” file, according to the Daily Telegraph, “Dutch council officials will permit gay sex in public areas” of Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. At least they did stress that “condoms must be cleared away” and the sex can only occur at night and not near the playgrounds.

By contrast, unleashed dogs are still forbidden. The Weekly Standard magazine asked the question “Why?” The answer? “Research shows that many people find [unleashed dogs] disturbing.” So what do you make of this?

Is it the result of Darwinian thinking? In other words – we’re going to do what we’re going to do, so the best we can do is stand back and let it happen? Are we seeing the last vestige of personal responsibility? What do you think?

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  1. Phil: ["What do you think?"]

    After the Muslim majority takes over, the small remnant left of the Dutch (the few aged ones still collecting their dhimmi retirement benefits) will be confined to a few pornostan enclaves by their masters. Thus the "public gay sex in the park" problem will eventually disappear.

  2. What do I think?  I think there would be a certain warped entertainment value in watching an unleashed dog cold nose his way into a lewd public display.   I hope they relax that last scruple!

    On a more serious note, I think that when Islam starts to take hold in the Dutch legislature, most people will be grateful for the tightening of decency standards.  It will take a while for the Dutch to realize they don't like living under Islam.   By then it will be too late.

    The Dutch are working over time to serve the rest of us – as an example of decadence leading to ruin.  Maybe we should thank them.  If they continue at their current breakneck speed, their little morality play will be obvious to the world in less than a decade. 

  3. Sodom and Gomorrah were before Darwinian thinking.  I don't think we need to come up with sophisticated explanations for human depravity.  Society will only rise to near the median of the morality of the people who comprise it.  Moral relativism is unfortunately the order of the day and Europe is post-Christian in many regards today.  Unless a serious awakeneing occurs in the US it's where we are heading as well.

  4. I just watched the movie, fitna and I think gays in the park are the least of the Dutch’s worries. I can’t even image confronting the Islamic problems they are dealing with. Apparently throwing gays off building as punishment for their evil ways is quite acceptable.

    I find the Dutch oddly interesting because in areas like environmental concerns, they are leaps ahead, but then you look at other areas like the one you suggested and you just scratch your head in wonder.

    It also leads me to wonder how far behind America is. When homosexual activists threaten the life of a sitting U.S. Representative because she believes in the marriage amendment (DOMA), or enter a Catholic service dressed in drag and partake in communion, I wonder how much longer it will be before we will be reading about park escapades here in our own back yard.

    Remaining Steadfast,

  5. When I was a kid I asked my father to explain where one person's rights ended and another person's rights began.  He said, "Your right to flap your elbow ends with my nose!" 

    Knowing full well that people who perform sex acts publicly do so because the idea of an audience is part of their pleasure, I conclude they are infringing on the rights of their unwilling audience.  Other people have the right NOT to participate in their sex act – period!  

    The decision to engage in sex in public places is akin to flapping one's elbow.  Being unwillingly drawn into intimacy with strangers, a hit on the nose!  

    It's interesting that gay rights activists have been able to load language and modify public perception to the point where otherwise sensible people will accept the ridiculous.   Fear of being judgmental has led to a very real infringement on the rights of Dutch citizens. 

    Lest you think this issue is confined to the Dutch, read this:


  6. "Gee, Mom & Dad, I REALLY Reeeeeally liked Amsterdam!!! said the 13-year-old. "When can we go back?"

    "Hey kids, look over there, tell me what you see."

    Yep, this little experiment of theirs will last until families never go there any more, and then the Board of Tourism and the Hotel Associations will be scratching their heads going, "What happened? People used to love this city, we just don't understand". And then, they'll spend millions on assessing the down-turn, looking over spread sheets, chruching the numbers…and get to the conclusion that it must be THE WATER. And so, they'll spend millions on assessing water-quality, looking over spread sheets, crunching numbers, and making their water the "Best in All of Europe". Because, to assume any other reason, by that time, would be deemed hate-speech, now wouldn't it?!

    But, if you want some more Darwinian thought on humans being no more than animals, follow this link. It's almost laughable. the title of the article is,

    "Faithfulness Within the Species Merely a Fantasy." 


    Oh man, we desperately need a God-awakening. Quickly! Yet, there's still hope for this generation!  The Ephesians were in a far worse state when Paul wrote to them.

  7. I think that that is an extremely lost people group. I don’t hear about Dutch missions work. Maybe I should be hearing about it. I think we shouldn’t write off an entire country as too far gone because then we write off the people. Erwin McManus in one of his sermons said that the best indicator that you don’t know Christ is that you don’t care about others. (That’s not in quotes because I heard the sermon and don’t know if it is verbatim.)

    Some might be tempted to think/respond with “I care about the people there.” Really? How much? Enough to go there to do missions work? Oh, I’m not called to be a missionary. Okay, How about a two week missions trip? How about finding a missions organization and doing what it takes to support a missionary? Or finding a church there to support and encourage? I don’t do these things and I’m not proud about that, just being honest. I do think we need to start asking these kind of questions.

  8. I was just wondering, does these kind of stories and all the other crazy stuff going on in our world ever cause you to wonder if we are living in the last days?

    I have a friend that constantly reminds me that she thinks so. It definitely gives you pause…

    Remaining Steadfast,

  9. Nope, I don't think about it.  My understanding of God's Word is that we are to be prepared in a spiritual sense, regardless of our assessment of the times.  We are not to worry, nor are we to stockpile food, weapons or even library books (geek humor).

    People have been grandstanding, making wild predictions and fear mongering over the end times for 2000 years.   Jesus told us to be ready, not to be goofy. 

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