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Optimize Search Engines to Optimize Your Perception

In the digital age, if you don’t come up in a Google search, then you don’t exist.  Perhaps the only thing that’s worse, is when you type in your name (or your organization) and negative stuff comes up.  Too often, critics have more online influence.  In one case, I discovered that a major pro-life leader’s name had been bought by a pro-abortion group.  So when you typed in his name, a website they created came up – one that undermined his work.

The bottom line is that now’s the time to help your name rise in the rankings.  When you type your organization’s (or your) name into Google or other search engines, does good or bad stuff come up?  Or nothing?  While it’s tricky, results can change.  Are others blogging about you?  Are you putting out good things on the web?   If you have bloggers in your company, church or among your supporters, encourage them to regularly post about how your organization, products, or your teaching has impacted their lives.  Positive stuff is important.  Don’t lose customers or donors searching for you on the web – work on the search results.

And speaking of search, today’s it’s about findability.  Google is the home page for millions of people.  I have no doubt the vast majority of Internet users go online for the primary purpose of searching.  Therefore, in an online world, your ability to be found is a very significant issue.  Stop thinking of search in the sense of looking for something concrete or lost.  Today, search isn’t just about finding the answer to this or that. It’s about exploration.  It’s about discovery.  It’s about stumbling onto things we didn’t know we needed or even existed.

In the old days, I created multiple email folders to organize my email messages in terms of clients, projects, and more.  But with the advent of better and better search capabilities, (and an ever increasing flood of email), I’ve deleted all those mailboxes and now I just search for what I need. 

Search has dramatically changed how the world does business.

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