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Scientology Rehabs Buildings and their Reputation

In an interesting PR move, The New Yorker magazine reports that Scientology’s work rehabbing buildings in Hollywood and other places has really made a positive impact on their perception in the city. In fact, Scientology has become a major investor in old Hollywood and helped create a revival in that part of Los Angeles. As a result,
their work has done more to help their perception than their stable of celebrity believers like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. The magazine reports that “Rehabilitating old buildings serves both as a powerful means of repairing its reputation (after investigations of Scientology in the 1970s and 1980s) and as a tangible metaphor for that work.”

While I’m no Scientology fan, (a religion founded by a B-rated sci-fi novelist?) it’s a good reminder of how making a positive impact in a community can turn around perceptions about an organization. I’m reminded of Rick Warren’s statement that “We live in an age of deeds, not creeds.” What you believe matters, but people respond to action, and when you make a tangible difference in the community, it makes an impression.

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  1. The bible has always made it clear that faith in God is to be backed with corresponding action. It is we who don’t do it what it says. Jesus said it is those who do the will of the Father that will be rewarded. And finally it is the doer of God’s Word that is blessed. That said there is more opposition to things of God in regards to Jesus Christ than there is to any other false religion. Say what you like the world will never like what Christians do no matter what we do. Even if you are currently applauded by fellow people in the media and business it does not nullify the offense of the cross. If our Church helps the homeless it will not make news even if we helped drug addicts yet one act of good from a false religion/sect and they are perceived as great – the very atmosphere in this world is saturated in evil – that is what thrives. They may do some good but that does not make it right. There are many Churches that are doing great things despite what you may say – many great things and the good thing is that God knows. For every good act done by the Church that makes the media headlines (when they finally are overwhelmed by it) there are seven thousand that are never told or heard – that does not make their work in vain. Perception is not always the best reality because it is a perspective constructed to harness belief without proper time and thought to what is really true.

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