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Media Change: NRB / Reach Conference Wrap

I’ve been out for a few days with the flu, as a result of my schedule at the National Religious Broadcasters Conference and the Reach Conference.  Don’t know if I have an allergy to hairspray or what….

Both conferences were a huge success in my estimation.  This was the first time for REACH, and I think it confirmed that we need a venue for a new generation of faith-based communicators.  NRB has always been the premier conference for Christian media professionals, but there’s no question that REACH has caught on in a big way.  Perhaps the most important thing I noticed was it isn’t an age thing.  The fact is, REACH had it’s share of 40 and 50 somethings (and even older).

It was a mindset.  Younger thinking, innovative strategy, and creative discussions.  Craig Detweiler and Mark Joseph really pushed everyone out of the box by discussing some of the recent independent films coming out of Hollywood and showing that there’s a conversation about God going on in the culture that most Christian broadcasters are completely unaware of…

Do we boycott?  Protest?  Complain?  Or Engage?  The mood of the conference was “engagement.”  Joining in a global conversation about faith, culture, and media that builds bridges instead of walls.

Participants came up to me and said things like:

“I thought I was the only one who thought like this…”

“I came to the NRB years ago, and realized it wasn’t for me, but now REACH is what I’m looking for…”

One even said, “I’m not sure I’m ready to agree with you, but it’s really important to be having this discussion…”

Plan on being there next February in Orlando.  Keep checking the Reach website for more details.

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