Saving Narnia

Mark Joseph has written an interesting commentary on what it would take to keep the Narnia franchise alive.  What do you think?

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  1. Wasn't even aware that Narnia was being put to a stop. Thanks for the info! Hopefully we can all get behind it continuing without Disney if it has to.

  2. Agree about the money. Im certain these films could be leaner and not lose any emotional impact. Americans seem to throw alot of money at a lot of things. 

    Adam Adamson is a great director, but it does help to have a very strong connection with the story. Hollywood seems obsessed about "four quadrant films" – especially when you have big budgets. A smaller budget would give them license to not have to please everyone.

    I also thought the timing of Prince Caspian was shocking. It was a very crowded market and I rember asking my kids to choose between two or three movies (which is very rare for us).



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