Sarah Palin Has Gotten Under Their Skin

Like her or not – it’s interesting to see how the Left is reacting to John McCain’s choice for VP.  Rather than principled discussions of her ability, it’s interesting how much venom is out there. Stalwart feminist Gloria Steinem was the first to respond in the LA Times the morning after the announcement.  Now this article from Salon, really shows how much she’s gotten under their skin.  Forget political parties for a moment – I’m having fun watching the “shrill” button getting pushed in the national media…

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  1. Wow! I just read the Salon article that you linked in the blog post. Can you say meow? I think the claws just came out. I have to say, I really like that we live in a country where we can choose who we support and who we don't. I do wonder however, if folks like Cintra Wilson, the author of the Salon article, ever actually take a moment to realize that their first reaction is almost always an over reaction. Maybe it is not in this case but I'd say you are right Phil, Sarah is getting under their skin in an apparently painful way.

  2. I find the Huffington Post makes for amusing reading on this whole Sarah Palin issue.

    The more they criticise her, the more people like her. She has certainly energised the Republicans and stolen Obama's "mojo".

    Australian politics looks very boring compared to this.

  3. Politics aside. The wheels are coming off the "Yes we can" express.

    Every time  Sen. Obama makes reference to the underside of the GOP ticket he elevates the distraction. Then on the same day as "Lipstick-Gate" (BTW things become 'gates' far too quickly in the 24 hour news cycle.) Sen Biden decides it would be a good idea to start a rant with: "Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice-president of the United States of America. Let's get that straight. truly brilliant.

    Just stay home and try not to say anything stupid.


  4. OK, after initially being excited about Palin, I've just had time to sit down a watch some of her recent interviews on You Tube. She seems like a lovely person, but way out of her depth on economic and foreign policy issues. I think liberal media will look forward to the upcoming VP debate to give her "enough rope". Its a shame.

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