Sara McLachlan: Telling a Story with Data – Her New Music Video

Instead of producing a music video for “World on Fire” Sara McLachlan donated the $150,000 it would cost to make it, and then created this video for $15 instead. As she plays, sitting in what looks like her kitchen, information about the donations she made is displayed, along with the cost of making a traditional music video. The result is a powerful story told with data.


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  1. I really liked it. But, I think the editing was a little too fast for the written words to have their full impact. But great stuff, nonetheless. BRAVO! 

  2. Yeah, I really liked this video too… when it came out LAST YEAR!!!  And then every church in America ripped it off and made their own version of it with some Jeremy Camp song.

  3. The big question is why didn't the church, or some of those talented and caring CCM artists come up with this idea first?

    It's a great idea, that probably secretly infuriated some folks in La La Land.

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