Jesus Junk Update: The "Sand of Christ"

If you’re looking for a powerful spiritual experience this Christmas, then you can’t afford to pass up ordering “The Sand of Christ.”  Just check out the testimonials!  Apparently the Jesus Junk ideas just don’t end as long as there are gullible people out there… Special thanks to alert reader Jeanette Tostenson…



  1. I think they might be onto something. I once paid $49.95 for a little can of blessed donkey poop that came from an animal similar in nature to the very one on which Jesus rode into Jerusalem. Sure enough, within days of praying over the donkey poop, I experienced the miraculous disappearance of several planar warts. I've been a better husband since then too. $29.95 sounds pretty good for some sand. I mean, it does come with a deluxe pouch! And hey, prayer has been mentioned on some news stations too!

    (if you took this seriously, call me and I'll sell you a can!)

  2. Why waste your time looking for things like this?  I bought one and I think it's fantastic.  They donate to the YMCA too.  I guess bitter, Godless people will never go away.  – AL

  3. Thank you big Al, for saying something. I don’t understand why people feel the need to degrade others religion. I personlly didn’t buy one of these products but I would never say bad things about someones beliefs to sell a book. Shame.

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