Christian TV Pioneer Rex Humbard Dead at 88

Legendary Ohio Pastor Rex Humbard died last night at 88 years of age. If you were around in the 70’s, Rex was one of the biggest names in Christian media. A little known fact is that he was also one of the key influences that encouraged a young evangelist named Oral Roberts to go on television – which resulted in “The Abundant Life Program” that debuted on NBC in 1954.


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  1. What is also not known about Humbard is that he once flew to Memphis to witness to Elvis Presley. He was rebuffed by Presley with the words, "why do I need God? I'm a man who owns islands." God bless Rex Humbard. He was a pioneer. The old guard is slowly fading into a grey light that leads into the Kingdom. D. James Kennedy. Humbard. Falwell. Others will join due to age. Agree with them or not, they made their mark. How much longer for Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and others? Only time and the Lord know for sure.

  2. I worked with Rex in the late 80s, and was touched by his sweet spirit.  He had a heart for the lost, a vision to use any means to reach them.  He loved to laugh, was so down to earth.

    May God be with his family….


  3. I remember when my mom get her copy of the Rex Humbard Prophecy Bible.  She was so excited.  Last year, she went home to be with the Lord.  There she lay in the coffin, with that same Bible next to her.  I met Pastor Humbard in 2000 or so when I worked at Oral Roberts Television.  I let him know how much I appreciated his ministry, and how my mom was a ministry partner for so many years.  He was gracious and thanked me for the comments.  I've met a lot of the "big ministry" guys over the years, and he stands out as one of the classiest.  It's funny how you don't realize how much you miss someone until after he/she is gone.

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