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Research on TV Viewing That May Shock You

It’s widely believed that in the digital age, television is dead. But as with many rumors, nothing could be further from the truth. That lesson is supported by recent research from Nielsen Ratings. Plus, you’ll be surprised at who’s watching TV versus spending time online. Here’s some of the findings:

Number of TV channels in the average home in America: 189

Number of channels consistently watched per home: 17

50% of all TV viewing comes from 20% of the audience.

705 minutes – the average time “heavy” viewers watch TV per day.

86% of Americans use their smartphones as a “second screen” while watching TV. But watching TV is their primary behavior.

There’s much more in the report, and here’s a list of Nielsen reports on media and entertainment. My point is that we don’t learn anything from rumor and myth. Understanding behavior is critical to connecting with audiences in the 21st century.

What’s the biggest myth you see out there that people believe about media?


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