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Remember Why You Chose Your Career?

After I finished being interviewed on MSNBC some years ago, I was reminded that deep into a career, it’s so easy to get caught up in office politics, paying the bills, and the daily grind. In fact, we often forget the reason we decided on a career in the first place, and that’s a big part of the reason we bounce around from job to job.  Chances are, you had a dream back at the start, and the question is – was that vision ever accomplished?  Are you actually on the road to the destination you set out to achieve?  In my experience, the vast majority of people I know who fail, do it because of two reasons:

1. They get distracted.
2. They didn’t know how close to success they were when they quit.

My book “One Big Thing: Discovering What Your Were Born to Do” is focused on finding answers to the big question:  “What am I supposed to accomplish with my life?”   Starting today, let’s agree to do one thing. Look at where we started, where we wanted to end up, and where we are now. Are we on the same path? Are we still moving toward that goal?

Make it a priority:  Cut through the cluttered distractions, and get back to the heart of why you do this for a living.  And if you on the wrong path, commit to making a real change.

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  1. Phil, a while you back you wrote, “Keep going until you get where you need to go and meet who you need to meet.” After years in TV and books, but mountains still ahead, your advice was burned in my brain! And two Sundays ago two TV preachers talked about praying for wisdom, so I’ve been specifically doing that and am floored at the answered prayers and guidance–just in the last few days I landed Kev two local TV spots for his new book, we signed with another new Roku station, and a MILLION great things have been happening–“the fear of the Lord is the beginning of widsom.” Praise Jesus for His faithfulness as we strive to go where He wants us to go, until we meet who He wants us to meet….

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