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NRB / Reach Conference Update #2

The Reach Conference at the National Religious Broadcasting Convention in Orlando has been excellent. From Pastor Erwin McManus, we learned that “Having Resources, and Being Resourceful” are two different things. If you’re waiting for the right budget, right timing, right crew, or other resources, stop waiting, and start filming.

He also said that “God is already working in conversation with people, and we need to engage them at the point where that conversation is happening, not where we are.” It’s not about us. We need to stop producing faith based programming that makes us feel good and starting producing programming that connects with the audience.

Movie Producer Ralph Winter spoke about how we must stop “sanding down the rough edges in our storytelling.” The Bible is full of compelling, and often dark images. Being “family safe” shouldn’t be our ultimate goal. Tell the truth. Be authentic.

Then, Leonard Sweet – who’s just written a new book “The Gospel According to Starbucks” gave us a vision for the future. It was a sober, stark look at the wired world and where we as a church are going.

I think the exhibit hall was the best they’ve ever had. Much less “Jesus Junk” and more media oriented booths. God TV was the most impressive, with a two story exhibit where they were shooting live TV on the second floor. Also, “iQuestions” was impressive as well. A high tech, interactive booth that was very well designed.

Fox Faith film distribution had a special dinner where they unveiled their new slate of films.

Geographically, the conference was a bit too spread out, and it was rather difficult to get places quickly. As a result, there weren’t any real “community” areas, where people congregated.

After it ends tonight, I’ll give you some overall impressions about the event…

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  1. Just a thought that I’ll throw out there.
    It seems odd that there are so many Christians opening individual production companies. And then, so many of these are creatively ham-strung because of the lack of money.
    Or, when they get the funds, they’re constantly re-inventing the wheel, and forget to lean on the expertise of others.

    I think that if more of these companies combined efforts, there would be a huge resource of equipment and talent. Almost like a film co-op, where people can experiment with ideas in a very cost-effective way.

    Joint ventures would be a huge benefit to the future of Christian media.
    And the audience is “waiting with baited breathe.”
    Even the most skeptical artistic Christian is still hungry for an incredible cinematic experience that feeds their faith.

    Totally off the subject, has anyone seen the film “The Russian Ark”?
    It’s almost mind-boggling. The entire film is one shot. The director said, “Action” at the beginning, and didn’t say “Cut” until
    an hour-and-a-half later.
    A very sumptuous artistic film.
    It hold’s the record for being the longest single camera shot in history.
    It takes place at the Hermitage Museum of Fine Art in St. Petersburg Russia.
    It weaves a story-line that takes you throughout the entire museum.
    For 90 minutes, characters enter and exit as the choreographed camerawork takes you from room to room, down hallways and corridors. And, it combines the efforts of 2000 extras, 800 professional actors, and two live orchestras for the score.
    And they did it in one take.
    See It if you haven’t already. You’ll be awestruck.

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