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Re-Branding The GOP? Might be a good idea…

In the wake of this historic election, I have some hard questions for the Republican Party.  The momentum created by a young, inspiring, African American, Democratic candidate was certainly tough to beat, but the truth is, from my perspective, over and over the Republicans kept shooting themselves in the foot.  Here’s some questions I’d like to ask GOP leaders about their strategy:

1)    Why do we overwhelmingly keep sending out old white guys as candidates?
2)    Where are the young, minority, or female Republicans?
3)    If there are any, are we prepping them right now for the next election?
4)    Where are the new ideas?
5)    What ever happened to the idea of small government?
6)    Why are you so terrible at packaging?
7)    How have you let the GOP’s perception fall to such horrible levels?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  As John McCain said:  “The Republican Party went to change Washington, but Washington changed them.”  In the next few days I’m going to outline some significant ideas that the GOP should consider from a branding perspective, if they’re going to make a come-back in the next four years.


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  1. That's exactly what i have been thinking. What does the republican party even stand for? We need to be grooming people for 2012 and 2016. Find some young, smart, character-filled and charismatic republicans. Obama outspoke every candidate (dem or rep) by far, not to mention his speechwriters were brilliant. The republican party needs to figure out what it is and re-brand itself starting today.

  2. My brother and I have been recently reading old Regan speeches.  It's interesting how much his old speeches are so applicable to the Republicans now.  Go back and look on where my brother has quoted some of his most relevant words. 

     We need another Regan.  It doesn't matter gender or age.  That person has to be a communicator.  The method of communicating might change, but the content can be the same.

  3. Disclaimer… I'm a Democrat so take this how you like. It will sound pretty inflammatory but I'm only telling you how I feel.  If you don't like it?  Tough.

    Conservatism started as being about one thing…fiscal responsibility.  The idea of trickle-down economics/unmitigated free-trade do not, nor will it ever, appeal to an informed electorate in the numbers required to get them elected in a fair way.  Greed gets in the way of those two concepts working for the good of the middle and lower class citizens. Evidence:  mortgage crisis, Enron, growing income gap, CEO salaries out of control just to name a few.  As derogatory as it sounds, the greedier a person is, the more likely they are a Republican.  Sorry… but Republicans, in my view, have their priorities out of whack.  Fiscal conservatives put maximizing their income and standard of living on top of their list of priorities.  Everythings else goes…  combat deaths, poverty, crime increases… as long as their taxes are a few percentage points lower.  This is no philosophy to have in a decent society.  

    So from an economic and civic standpoint, the Republican party doesn't have a way to appeal to the masses.  (If the elections were decided by corporations, they would never lose.)  So what did they do to get their "Permanent majority" as Rove put it?  They appeal to ignorance, hate and fear.  Examples:  Obama is a Muslim, the color-coded threat level magically going up a level around every election in Bush's first term, Abortion, Gay marriage, Terry Shiavo, Flag burning.  These were things that were front and center in the Republican congress before 2006…all while there were far more important things going on in the country and in the world.  The Republicans needed their "wedge issue" to hold in the Democrats' faces for the next election.  It isn't that most of these things don't matter but to those of us who follow and think about politics, it looked like disgusting demogogary to us.  Period.  …and that's what it was.  Worse yet, it seemed like all of the conservative pundits and members of congress were having breakfast meetings to get their talking points in line.  It was obvious… they phrased talking points that were patently dishonest in an identical way so as to legitimize them.  (Gotta "catapult the progaganda" as Bush put it.)

    Before any of you Republicans (who honestly aren't interested in reforming your broken party) start saying…. "Well this Democrat did this and WHAT ABOUT CLINTON!", let me introduce you to a concept:  False Equivalency.  Fox News and most of the Republican party has been pissing and moaning about "The Liberal Media".  This is bullshit and let me tell you why:  Yes, I will admit that there are a lot of shows that are bent on doing nothing but making fun of or admonishing Republicans –   (the Daily Show, Keith Olbermann, etc.)   My reply to this:  …and they damn well deserve it. If Democrats were shoveling the same volume of bullshit as Republicans, I promise you, John Stewart would be lampooning them every night instead of McCain and Palin.  Republicans seems to be adept at getting elected by any means necessary.  When it comes to governing, they have become a joke.

    The Republican party seems to be the party of Palin… SHE was the one that initially excited the base, not McCain.   This ignorant woman inflamed the worst parts of the Republican base.  In face, the idea that she was picked in the first place is insulting and irrensponsible.  If you want to know how the Republicans should NOT conduct themselves in order to win back a majority, go back and watch a Palin Rally – watch her AND her supporters.  There was no substance in her speeches… just fear-mongering and bullshit.  If you run her in 2012, she'll be crushed… and what kind of country would we be if she wasn't? I read an article the other day about whether Republicans want her to run in 2012 and 64% of Republicans want her to run.  Really?  Are you kidding me?  I don't want to hear about how the press was hard on her either.  Most of the nastiest stuff came from the McCain campaign.  Seriously, that woman is maybe qualified to be a city council member of Wasilla.  She is completely tactless and embraces ignorance.  If this is the type of person who you want to have the most powerful job in the world, then you need to educate yourself…period.  We are turning into an idiocracy here.

    Sorry if I have offended any Republicans but this is how the rest of the country views the average Republican.  

  4. All good points Phil.  The biggest drawback is that the ideas that will bring the most needed change, such as line item vetos, requiring candidates to use only public funds and not allow them to take any donations, will never be put in into place.  Not one candidate has th e courage to push those items.

  5. The GOP is exactly that, the "Grand Ole Party." As a young republican I found that offensive. Why do they label themselves as such. Their first move would be to abolish that statement. No longer let any one call them the "Grand Ole Party."

    If you look at the election and the Obama brand, is was way better than McCain. From his logo, tv adds, and his rallies. All were to make Senator Obama bigger than life.

    They did an excellent job on marketing… 

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