Do You Kill Radical Ideas?

Albert Einstein said that all great original ideas at first appear absurd.  Ever wonder why it’s so easy to dismiss radical suggestions when they surface?   It’s tough to connect radical ideas to great opportunities.

The question is, how would you face an unorthodox or bizarre  business idea if it was presented to you?

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  1. Interesting! Thank you for your encouragement today! It’s always good to know that someone else thinks your idea has some possibility and at times validity! 🙂 cheers!

  2. Wasn’t it Einstein who also said that the definition of insanity was – “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Safe is the new risky!

  3. As a young guy, I have to compete constantly with the conception that my “radical” new ideas are somehow a barb of disrespect directed at those with more seniority with me, especially when they incorporate newer technology.  I used to work for a company that seemed forward enough.  The first time I recommended our company get a facebook and a twitter account, I was given a stern talking-to about the effects of productivity in the workplace by these sites. 

    Four months later, we hired publicists and what do they do?  Recommend a Facebook and Twitter page.  So now the company pays their online marketing company obscene amounts of money to tweet for them. 

    Needless to stay, I don’t work for this company any more.


  4. Radical ideas that aren’t so radical anymore: Coffee for $3 a cup; University of Phoenix; Twitter; Bottled Water; The Clapper (ok, maybe a bit of a stretch…). I say bring on the unorthodox and the bizarre. Time proves that “radical” is historically relative.

  5. I agree. Really new and radical ideas are always shot down before they are embraced. I like the line, “Time proves that “radical” is historically relative.”

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