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Leaders: Beware of Over-Controlling, Pushy Managers – Even When They’re Successful

I know quite a number of businesses, non-profit organizations, and even churches where an over-controlling jerk of a manager is allowed to keep his or her job simply because they’re getting results. Either they’re making their quotas, running a profit, or keeping the donations rolling in, so they’re allowed wide latitude inside the organization. But whatever profit they’re making, it’s not worth it.

We should honor and respect the hapless employees working under this jerk because as soon as those employees get an opportunity, your best talent will run to a better job somewhere else. I’ve seen organizations stripped of their talent because of this issue. In fact, there’s a number of churches and ministries out there where talented employees have left and made other organizations highly successful.

And if you don’t act, you’ll start losing the respect of your employees because you do nothing while they get beaten up.

No matter how good you may think these bullies are at their job, if you have one on staff, it’s only a matter of time before you implode.  Take action, and do it now.


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  1. I have seen a few organizations make the hard choice to let these people go (after painstaking, appropriate steps to correct).  It is difficult in the short term but the long term results have always been positive. 

    You are absolutley right Phil, respect is at the heart of the matter, and that starts at the top.

  2. Regarding: Managers who cannot honor or respect those under their employ…

    Unless you say blessed is he who comes in the name (which is the nature) of the Lord (even if and especially if beneath your station in life) then your house will remain unto you desolate (you will be a creepy boss in power, much loathed by all beneath you who are in humility above you spiritually!) AND.. you won’t see God in others, being ye blind. 

    But the pure in heart, well, they see God in the faces and acts of others, those who have Him in them!  Hallelu!  Oh ya!

    Matthew 23:38-39 revised as noted above.  And Matthew 5:8.


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