Jim Bakker’s "PTL Club" Master Videotapes Up for Sale

The Associated Press reports that the library of master videotapes from the old PTL Club TV show days featuring Jim and Tammy Bakker are up for auction. During Bakker’s fall from grace, and the subsequent court trial, the 15,069 hourlong tapes went to a Charlotte church, then a cable content provider, said Ben Dyer, president of Gospel Properties. The cable provider defaulted on a loan from Dyer’s company and he got the tapes, which he plans to auction in San Francisco on March 27. A spokeswoman for Jim Bakker, who now lives in Branson, Mo., said the televangelist has been told the tapes have been appraised at around $8 million. He considers them part of his legacy.  So if you’re interested in opening a Jim Bakker museum, here’s your chance.

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  1. clearly this is what this blog’s audience is looking for in a post.

    Cooke wit with a hint of sorrow and sarcasm.


    1. How sad that everyone has posted such negativity from such a wonderful ministry who probably know little to nothing of what happened. Plus, aren’t we supposed to forgive? Sounds, like a lot of people just want to cast this man out. Anyway, I would be happy to see moments from the PTL library. A lot of great people appeared on the program through the years. (i.e. Bebe and Cece Winans, Howard and Vestal Goodman, Colonel Sanders, Corrie Ten Boom, and many more)

  2. Since PTL no longer exists, they will need to put a new address on the screen for folks to send their check.  My home address is available.

    1. On Facebook there is a group called PTL Vaults with a lot of clips from the old PTL Club…some are a hoot, some very moving…

    2. Sounds to me like you could benefit from watching a few of those videos, islandgirl.
      They’re not about checks. They’re about Christ. You don’t want to see Jesus though, do you. You want to see scandal and failure, and of course checks in your own mail box. There are plenty of failures to go around, aren’t there, islandgirl.

    1. The PTL Network was comprised of hundreds/thousands of ministers who delivered timely God-given messages, shared their respective  talents, and the number of lives they touched, combined only eternity will tell.

      How shameful for any member of society, whether you agree with Jim & Tammy Bakker or not….. to attack all the wonderul people who worked so dillegently with them for so long, to see people’s lives changed for the better.  I applaude thoes who would seek copies of these programs, I was there, and the spirit of God was there, and where HE is there is peace and joy…..

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