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Why You Should Protect Your Business Relationships

Because at any given time, our clients at Cooke Media Group represent some of the largest churches and media ministries in the world, we get a lot of people who want access to those clients.  They figure they can pitch their idea, sell their products, or promote themselves to a big church or ministry, and since those ministries are our clients, we’ll help them.  We also have a lot of friends in Hollywood, and people are always asking for us to connect to them.  But we rarely ever do that, and if it happens – it’s only because I feel like it’s a solid win/win for both parties.

The bottom line is that we viciously protect our relationships.

Because of that principle, our friends, clients, and relationships know they can trust us and be candid with us.  We don’t sell them out or connect them with inappropriate people or projects.  We never want to put them in awkward positions.

If you want to increase the quality and influence of your industry associates and relationships, protect them.  Be careful connecting people who have different career velocities or if there is any chance they might take advantage of someone.

Because first, you never want a friend put in a bad position, and two, when something bad happens, it all comes back to you.

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