How Much Time Do You Spend Protecting Your Brand?

In my book “Branding Faith” I write about the importance of discovering the story that surrounds your life and work. What do people think of when they think of you? Once you’ve figured that out, the second priority is to protect it. In other words, what are you doing that could potentially tear down your brand story or reputation? Who are you hanging out with that could undermine your integrity? Remember that your authority and influence in the business world comes directly from the power of your brand. Don’t ever
put yourself in a position to destroy that power. Prospective employers, potential clients, investors and others are always watching. Don’t commit career suicide by not taking this idea seriously. Protect who you are. Build your personal brand equity. Live a transparent life.

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  1. Excellent thoughts here. A friend of mine reminded me that what I share online, whether it’s a video or in the social media realm, it will last for a long time. She was excited that it was a good thing because of the ministry and ministry help that I was sharing. On the other side, remember that your grandchildren might someday come across a post or thought of yours. Is it positive? Christ-like?

    Thanks for your work Phil!



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