Perception Watch: An M.C. Hammer Style Entourage

At the G-20 Summit in London recently, as President Obama attempted to portray a more restrained, low key, and humble presidency, the British press was entranced by the sheer size of the president’s entourage.  Here’s the numbers.   He showed up with:

500 staff
200 Secret Service agents
6 doctors
The White House chef and kitchen staff with the President’s own food and water
35 vehicles
4 speech writers
12 teleprompters   (I told you he was addicted).

He must have M.C. Hammer as his travel coordinator….

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  1. Over 700 people!?!?!?

    Anyone know what Bush did in a similar situation? Or Clinton? I’m not trying to compare Rep vs. Dem, but just past vs. present – is this a change or have we been doing this for a while?

  2. The secret service numbers sound about normal. the chef and kitcken staff along with their own supply of food and drink, is also normal. It is a safety precaution for them to know where all of the president’s food and drink has come from, I think this started durring Clinton’s administration if not earlier.  I don’t know about the staff numbers vehicles or teleprompters. 

  3. How about the $328,000 photo shoot of Air Force One that sent New York into a panic attack? Of course an investigation is underway. 

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