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Who Do You Know That Needs “Branding Faith?”

Consider giving “Branding Faith” as a gift to a pastor, ministry, or non-profit leader, or business person you know. It’s tough getting the word out to all the right people, and you can really help by pinpointing the leaders or potential leaders in your network of relationships who would really benefit from the book and get it for them. is shipping “Branding Faith,” and you can still order from Cooke Media Group if you’d like one of the limited number of autographed copies. You can
order that here. So nows the time to order your copy of the book that defines the new rules of branding for the 21st century. And while you’re there, check out my other books as well.


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  1. Phil –

    I thought you would like to read this article in Townhall I just received in my email box. It deals with a “study of, “Automatic Effects of Brand Exposure on Motivated Behavior: How Apple Makes you ‘Think Different,’” (Grainne M. Fitzsimons, Tanya L. Chartrand, and Gavan J. Fitzsimons); published in the April issue of “The Journal of Consumer Research,” the authors proved that seeing brand logos affected people’s behavior.”

    Very interesting. Anyway, I thought it would be a good article for your research folder!

    Here is the link.

    Remaining Steadfast,

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