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More Verdicts Keep Coming: Pornography is Bad News for the Brain

German researchers are reporting that viewing pornography actually shrinks the brain and reduces neural activity. Writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association they studied MRI scans of 64 healthy men and discovered that the more porn they viewed, the less gray matter they found in the areas of the brain associated with reward and motivation.

There was also a correlation between more hours of porn consumption and less responsive activity in an area of the brain that normally lights up in response to sexual stimuli. This might be a connection to the argument that pornography requires more and more exposure to maintain the stimulation, pointing to its potentially addictive nature.

Maybe it’s time the media finally started exploring the negative impact of a digital generation that can access pornography so easily…

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  1. Great article, Phil! I’m going to share it on my organization’s Facebook page, The Defenders USA. Very applicable to what we do.

  2. At the least, we’re raising a generation of men and women who will struggle to experience true intimacy, which will affect marriages and potential marriages negatively. And at worst, we’re raising a generation of monsters who see no humanity and value no soul as every person becomes merely an object. It’s bad stuff. Never harmless.

  3. You really should read the primary source paper more closely. They could not tell if the brain segments that were smaller in their small sample were the cause of or the effect of porn usage.

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