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Politically Correct Abdication of our Culture to Islam Continues

The stories continue, from the “Opus” cartoons in the newspaper to accusations of dropping Christian TV programs because of Muslim criticism. However you look at it, political correctness is bringing us to it’s ultimate endgame – making us afraid to speak the truth. It continues to be open season on Christians – witness the flood of critical commentaries, cartoons, and jokes after the death of Jerry Falwell in the mainstream media. But it’s getting more and more difficult to find even reasoned discourse, much less criticism of the Muslim faith anywhere – college campuses, mainstream media, or network television.

Don’t let a PC world force us to remain quiet. We don’t have to be loud and insensitive, but we do need the freedom to reason and speak the truth. It’s a freedom we can’t afford to lose.

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  1. It’s kind of scary when you can see that I am the only one who is willing to even comment on the subject…people are afraid!! And, that is exactly what the intent has been. How is it that 9/11 happened and now we are more than willing to allow it to happen again…?? I don’t get it!! It’s like America is under a spell, and I break it in Jesus Name and say wake up America, WAKE UP!! No one backed away from Hitler either for a long long time, …Over 6 million Jews later, the U.S. and other brave nations took a stand against his horrific onslought of the Jewish people. If terrorist can make you fear they have you…but I say, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” as the Bible says, because I am a child of the God…and Jesus Christ his son died on a cross so that I can have eternal life in heaven ..not virgins as a reward. Why is it that in America it’s okay to be critical of Christianity, and other religions but we seem to fear critisizing Islam…because we are intimidated by them, that’s why and we actually believe that by not speaking up we are keeping peace on our land, when in fact, praying and speaking up is our way to freedom, as it has been for centuries!!

  2. Let's not over complicate things. If South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy or American Dad makes fun of Jesus or Christianity, Christians either laugh at themselves, writer angry letters, boycott or not dignify the show with a response. In fact we've discussed on this post that boycotts often don't work and are a great source of free publicity The AFA Lifts its Boycott of Disney. Did Anyone Notice?.  

    After incidents of violence following those editorial cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad were published in the Danish newspaper, American Media outlets are going to pose a double standard. The worse case scenario for one group could be different than the other.
    "There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people."
    Thomas Jefferson
    As to political correctness, I think the term is being miss used here Political correctness – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is business. If a broadcaster opens the show "Live Prayer with Bill Keller" with a disclaimer stating that the views of the show do not necessarily express the views of the station management they meet their obligation to serve the public interest (The public being St. Petersburg / Tampa, Florida). Broadcasters should also allow for equal time. Not knowing the demographic of St. Petersburg / Tampa, Florida I'd have to say If the broadcaster felt that "Live Prayer with Bill Keller" no longer serves the public interest then they have the right to not air the show. I'd also have to say that if this is a case where the fear of violence was in the motive of the broadcaster to cancel the show then that broadcaster is not serving the public interest. 

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