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It’s Time to Focus on Digital Missions

While we spend most of our time exploring the digital media world for entertainment, or the wonderful uses of new mobile devices, we often forget much more significant advances brought about by digital technology. According to The Economist magazine: “Opposition movements around the world are able as never before to swap ideas with citizens of repressive regimes. That is partly because of the ease of digital communication.”

When I read that piece, I started thinking about how we could use digital media for activism in any number of areas – political protest from repressive regimes, cause marketing for global ills like hunger, poverty, or lack of education. But I also started thinking about the classic area of world missions. How do we get a message of spiritual hope deep into totalitarian regimes?

For a long time, it’s been radio. Powerful networks like HCJB have been broadcasting globally for generations, and have been able to get their signal into numerous places traditional missionaries couldn’t. But now we have another level – digital media. Radio is one way, but the web is interactive. What ideas can we create that would get a message of hope into these places? How can we communicate with the persecuted church around the world? What could we learn from them?

Who’s doing that well right now, and what should we be thinking about for the future?

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