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Playboy Starts Covering Up. Is That A Good Thing?

By now, nearly everyone has heard about Playboy magazine’s decision to cover up their models – at least a bit. In the age of online pornography, where extremes have become so accessible (and acceptable), Playboy has become pretty tame by comparison. And their drop in subscribers confirms that people are going elsewhere for their porn fix. At it’s peak, Playboy boasted 5.6 million subscribers, but today that number has dropped to 800,000.

So the good news is that Playboy readers can finally say without fear of hypocrisy, that they are actually reading it “for the articles.” (Insert chuckle.) But more worrisome, is that this has happened because of the growing amount of extreme, dark, and violent pornography online. Today, children have easy access – not only through computers, but social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

What will happen to a generation that’s had such easy access to pornography their entire lives?  What will their expectations be of marriage and sexuality?  What will their expectations be of women and how they should be treated?

This article from London’s Telegraph is a fascinating look at how pornography manipulates teen girls. It’s not stopping, and it’s getting worse.

Any changes Playboy makes is just a blip on the radar.  There’s a far deeper evil happening everyday online.


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