Flush With Cash, Planned Parenthood Re-Brands

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Planned Parenthood reported $1 billion in annual revenue in its most recent financial report.  As a result, they’ve started re-branding to reach a more upscale customer.  The organization reported a surplus of $115 million at year end, which makes one wonder why the federal government keeps pumping money into the organization.  Right now, the government gives the PP up to
a third of it’s total income for grants to help care for low income women.  But apparently that money has helped them reach record revenue which they’re using to move upscale – including building “express centers” in suburban shopping malls according to the Journal.  The bottom line is – should the government continue funding such a controversial organization that doesn’t seem to need the money?


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  1. This is sickening.  Our tax dollars "at work"?  Every day I work with women 14-60 who suffer from abortion–often decades after the fact.  The sin seems to big (to them) for God to forgive.

    Sadly, one in four women IN THE CHURCH have had an abortion and most would never dream of confessing their sin to another soul.  So satan keeps beating them up daily. 

    I have more on my website:  http://www.cradleofgrace.org

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