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The Secret to Pixar’s Remarkable Success

I’ve written before the “culture is more important than vision,” and it’s proven prophetic when it comes to the amazing success of Pixar’s animated movies.  Check out this article from 37 Signals about how Pixar works from the inside.  What can you take from this to help transform your organization?

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  1. Considering I recently retired from a governement job and I'm still fighting to get money owed me, I'd love to work for an outfil like that.

    A lot of companies say peope are their most valuble resource but still treat them as expendible commodities.

    Way to go Pixar.

    Thanks for sharing this Phil

  2. Theres no doubt about it, culture or organisational behaviour can be vital to a company's sustainable competitive advantage. Its very hard to copy or imitate overnight. It should be considered as a special form of intellectual property – difficult to quantify, but very real nonetheless.

  3. A little late in responding to this post, but that was a fascinating article. I especially appreciated this line:

    "You can try to outspend the competition. Or you can try to outculture them."

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