The Big View of Contemporary Evangelism

After reading Phlip Yancey’s column in this month’s Christianity Today magazine, it makes me realize what an incredibly small and inaccurate sliver of the Christian faith we see on religious TV. I’d love to hear your reaction.


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  1. There’s so much more we need to hear through Christian media, where the predominant message is about ticking the box of salvation, giving money to support the network/station/ministry/preacher and also conservative politics.

    I was surprised the other day when UCB aired a Vineyard worship seminar where some really cool authors were giving insight into a deeper life in Christ.  It’s rare when I see that on Christian television. When this stuff from Yancey, Eldredge, Rob Bell, Richard Foster gets more air time, you’d think it could compete with the pablum we see on Oprah, ya know?

  2. Yancey does not necesarily criticise those who renovate wharehouses, but he does point to what is really important, what is going on in peoples hearts, he also offers hope that Christ and the Church are alive and well, maybe they are just not where Swaggart and his ilk tell us He is.

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