Perception: The Key to Creativity?

Recent neurological research has uncovered something fascinating:  the brain is incredibly lazy.  Given two options, the human brain will always take the easy way out.  It’s a combination of many things, and much of it has to do with conservation of energy.  In fact, when faced with too much stimulation, the brain will often “fill in” information it’s not getting from the eye, to create a picture based on something similar we’ve seen before.   What’s this got to do with creativity?

Simple.  The brain wants the easy way out.  As a result, our perceptions, our ideas, and our creativity will take the low road, unless we intentionally stimulate it otherwise.   Simply put – force your brain to see new things, encounter new experiences, and consider new ideas.  Bombard it with new experiences.  While some people are “born creative” we can all enhance and elevate our creativity, but we have to be purposeful about it.

Take a trip.  Visit a museum.  Encounter new people.  Consider new ideas.  Do something you’ve never done before.  Break the routine.  Grow.

Creativity doesn’t happen by accident.

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  1. Phil, this is a wonderful and simplistic post that we all can follow and reap the benefits! Thanks for sharing this information. I have noticed that when I force new experiences on ‘my brain’ that it does open up new possibilities and ways of perceiving that increases my creativity. If you feel like your life is in a rut… try participating in some new experiences to gain a new perception. Here’s a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago about a similar issue:
    Allen Paul Weaver III
    Author, Transition: Breaking Through the Barriers
    and Speedsuit Powers (August 2009)

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