People Are Watching You

Everyday, people are watching you.  They’re watching how you perform, how you react, and how you relate.  It may be your boss, a potential employer or investor, a friend, a peer, or your children.  It could be a million different types of people, but they’re all watching.  You don’t notice them, but they’re looking to see how do you handle setbacks and failures.  Or how you handle success.  They’re watching and learning, hoping to glean something from the experience.  The fact is,
people are watching you everyday.  But the question is – what kind of notes are they taking?

It matters, because what they see could impact your future.

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  1. Phil

    This… and the Anne Rice comment that you tweeted today… seems to be a disturbing trend.  I am tempted to add a chapter to my “Please Don’t Feed the Atheists” book (http://bit.ly/AtheistBook) to remind Christians that some behavior only gives others ammunition to use against belief in God.

    I finally got to see (part of) Bill Maher’s *Religulous* documentary.  Clips from Christian programming probably got howls of laughter — and honestly I was tempted to laugh at how silly some people are in the name of serving God.

    Those things which cannot be poked fun at (feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, visiting those sick and incarcerated) are not always things that are listed under the definition of Christianity (those Mother Teresa sidebars notwithstanding).

    Keep up the good work, Phil.

    Within this veil of toil and sin My head grows bald but not my chin

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