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People Are Watching You. What Notes Are They Taking?

Everyday, people are watching you. They’re watching how you react, how you engage with people, and how you perform your work.  It may be your boss, a potential employer or investor, a friend, a peer, your children, and it may be a critic.  It could be a million different types of people, but they’re all watching.  You don’t always notice them, but they’re looking to see how you handle setbacks and failures – or how you handle success.

Will Rogers said: People’s minds are changed through observation and not through argument.

Police officer Derek Chauvin discovered the reality of this principle and the impact not only changed his life for the worse, but unleashed violence across the country.

It starts in our hearts, but we see outside actions. We’re all watching and learning, hoping to glean something from the actions we see. The fact is, people are watching you everyday. But the question is – what kind of notes are they taking?

It matters, because what they see could impact your future.

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