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People You Fired: How Are They Doing Now?

There are a few ministry organizations in the country who’s list of people that have been fired is like a “who’s who” of great leaders. It seems like when talented employees start rising, the CEO of some organizations start getting nervous, and before long finds a reason to let them go. Stop for a minute and think about people you’ve fired over the years. Where are they now?

If the vast majority of people you’ve fired have moved on to launch other great ministries, nonprofits, or businesses, then something may be wrong with your management style, your ability to lead, or most likely: your level of insecurity.

If your “fired” list is an All Star list of other leaders and creative people, that’s a red flag that something’s wrong. You may be guilty of insecurity, fear, micromanaging, immaturity, or a host of other problems that simply drive people away. It’s time to stop rationalizing why they left and start looking inward at what you’re doing to drive them away.

Great leaders attract other leaders. They mentor, train, and develop men and women to rise higher than they are. The difference is, great leaders allow them the space to rise in their organization. Poor leaders drive them away and watch them become fierce competitors.

Which are you?

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  1. Don’t stop at “fired” – look at the type people who have left your organization on their own. If you’re keeping a certain type while losing another, it’s time for an evaluation.

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