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How People Discover New TV Shows

In the digital age, there’s plenty of controversy about traditional advertising versus digital advertising and social media (not to mention guerrilla advertising.) But a recent survey from HUB Entertainment Research reveals the truth about how people find new TV programs. The results may be surprising:

58% – Traditional Advertising
41% – Word of Mouth
34% – TV Channel Guide
20% – Facebook Post
19% – Editorial Content
11% – Previews
10% – Recommended by Sites and Apps
6% – Twitter Post
4% – Other Social Media

In the survey, nearly 60% of viewers aged 16-64 who watch at least 5 hours of TV per week and use social media at least once a month say they started watching a new show because of traditional advertising. And according to Variety Magazine, once viewers become fans of a show, about half will engage with the content on social media, but they don’t make it a habit.

So when it comes to results, social media is certainly growing. But as a television producer myself, I’m not ready to put all my promotional eggs in that basket.

If you’re a media producer – what advertising platform has worked for you?


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