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Did Your Pastor Participate in Partisan Sunday?

This past Sunday, more than 30 pastors used their pulpit time to endorse a particular candidate for president, in what it’s backers are calling “Partisan Sunday.”  It’s an attempt by the Alliance Defense Fund to break the IRS requirement that takes away the tax exempt status of churches who promote a particular candidate.

While many would say that African-American churches have been openly endorsing Democratic candidates for years, it’s something that has not happened openly on this scale – particularly with conservative churches.  Will it work?  Is it a good strategy?

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  1. My guy addressed it, but did not participate. His comment was " just because you believe that the speed limit should be 95, it doesn't mean you should drive that fast to force the issue"

    At our level of exposure, leading the "boston tea party" of religious/political revolt might be a bad idea. 

  2. My pastor took part and it was a moving service.  The evangelical church has been a slumbering giant for the last 54 years since the Johnson Amendment to the IRS code went into effect.

    I do, however, take exception to the term "partisian".  Since when did the precepts of God's word come down to Republican or Democrat.  Our culture, and maybe even the Church, has made it partisian, but I believe that if we are true Christ followers and we hold that the Bible is inerrant and we also believe that disobeying God's word is a sin – then how can we support anyone who is in contradiction to the Word of God.

  3. No, mine did not.  He has not really needed to.  He teaches on the issues and lets the people decide which canidate matches them. 

     I agree with the partisian remark by Mike.  God is an independant.  To put Him in a box is what gets a lot of us in trouble in the first place.  

  4. I visited a church this Sunday — and the pastor did not take part.  Instead he asked for prayer in the days between now and election.

    I agree, we need prayer, but I wish he would have been bold enough to take a real stand.  The two could not be further apart on issues that are Bible based –abortion, tradition marriage, religious freedoms.  I don't know how a pastor can not take a stand here.

  5. Your right, on Biblical issues of sin such as abortion, same sex marriage, ect the candidates are so far apart. What baffles me is when "Christians" go around toting Obama signs and bumper stickers….the must have no clue what the Bible sais on moral issues or they just don't like what it sais (Ray Boltz-there's a blog for you phil, not that each one of us is not as guilty as Ray-we all are just as guilty of sin, but for a profession CHristian of great stature to openly defy the Bible's teachings is not a small thing)..

  6. I am a pastor. In San Diego CA.

    I was unaware of the day and planned on speaking along these lines anyway. 

    I did not endorse, I did speak on how God chose National leaders.
    I told the congregation choose as your Father chose. 

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