Parents: Why Your Behavior With Your Phone Matters to Your Family

Children are pretty sharp observers, absorbing and processing the world around them, including their parents’ behaviors. So, when parents are constantly engrossed in their phones, children notice more than we think. The consequences of excessive screen time and its impact on parent-child relationships are more profound than you may think. Here are the most important reasons it should matter to you:

Kids See Everything: Children notice when their parents are consistently glued to their phones. From the moment they wake up to bedtime routines, children witness their parents scrolling, texting, and engaging with screens. They see the distraction, the divided attention, and the limited presence they get from their parents.

Emotional Disconnection: Continuous phone use can lead to emotional disconnection between parents and children. When a child is trying to share something or seek attention, but the parent is preoccupied with their device, it communicates a lack of priority. Children might feel neglected or less important, affecting their self-worth and emotional development.

Modeling Behavior: Parents serve as primary role models in a family. If children consistently witness their parents valuing screen time over quality interaction, it sets a behavioral precedent. They might adopt similar habits, leading to a generation increasingly absorbed in screens rather than human connection.

Reduced Quality Time: When parents are consistently on their phones, it diminishes the quality of time spent together. Interactions become interrupted, fragmented, or altogether absent. I see this all the time in restaurants as kids sit there bored to death while their parents are glued to their phones. This lack of quality time hinders the building of strong, nurturing relationships between parents and children.

Impaired Communication: One of my biggest concerns is how often parents miss out on vital moments for conversation with their kids.

Anxiety and Insecurity: As if the pandemic problems weren’t enough, constantly observing parents engrossed in their devices can instill feelings of anxiety and insecurity in children. They might wonder if they’ve done something wrong or feel they aren’t interesting enough to garner their parents’ attention.

Setting an Example: There’s simply no better way to teach kids how to control their own phone use than to watch how parents do it. Starting a “no phones during family time” rule can demonstrate the importance of genuine interactions and set a great example for children.

You may believe that it’s no big deal with your kids, but in a world where technology is pervasive, finding a balance between its benefits and the need for genuine, focused family time is essential. Children notice their parents’ behavior, and the consequences of excessive phone use can have a lasting impact on their emotional well-being and development.

If we don’t prioritize this now, I seriously worry about the next generation….

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

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