The Challenges in Making "Paradise Lost"

Check out this story from the New York Times on the trials of making a film based on John Milton’s epic poem ‘Paradise Lost.”

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  1. Here’s a quick gut-reaction. If they don’t juxtapose this story with a human sub-plot, it’s going to be very difficult to keep the suspended imagination.
    They definately need to consult mature Christians in order to get it right. (does anyone remember the mini-series on NBC in the late ’90s, “Noah”? Nothing could have been further from a Biblical view).
    No, they need to show how the unseen world really is, and how it affects mankind – not just a picture-book depiction of angels and demons.
    But if they do it as well as The Lord of the Rings, then that will be quite awesome.
    It’s gonna get better and better as we go along, my friends.

  2. I hope that Mr. Derrickson is given the same creative flexibility he had for the Exorcism of ER. If so count me in for a ticket … who knows maybe other Passioneers will show for some BO revenue. Yikes JR23, that Noah thing was indeed a disaster … an insult is more like it. Some interesting quotes from the article worthy of additional discussion like:

    …As a Christian, Mr. Hazeldine said, the project poses “a challenge for people like Scott and I, who have a faith, but we just love movies.” He added, “We often find that we are wondering, are we too worldly for the church and too churchy for the world?”

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